Your entire escape room experience will last approximately 90 minutes (including briefing before the experience, debriefing after the experience has ended, and taking pictures).
ENIGMABOX reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to be intoxicated, inebriated, or under the influence of drugs. No refund will be provided in these cases.
By booking our room, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

2.1. The games are designed for teams of 2-6 people per experience.
2.2. ENIGMABOX collects and stores your personal details without disclosing it to any 3rd party and is dedicated to ensure that the privacy of your personal information is protected in accordance with applicable acts.
2.3. Due to the nature of the game no recordings can be taken inside the room. That includes (without limitation) the use of mobile phones, recording devices (video and/or audio) and cameras. The use of such a device in the room is not permitted at any time.
2.4. ENIGMABOX expects visitors not to disclose any details of the game directly or indirectly to the public.
2.5. ENIGMABOX may contact you from time to time with offers and promotions via email.
2.6. ENIGMABOX is entitled to charge the participants for any damage which is intentional and/or caused by misuse of items.
2.7. While you are on our premises, you must ensure to conform to our codes and regulations, adopt proper standards of behavior, and cooperate with our employees.
2.8. Employees of ENIGMABOX have the right to refuse service to anyone based on inappropriate behavior, bad hygiene, or inappropriate clothing.

3.1. The only languages available for the conclusion of our Escape Rooms is English, French and Portuguese.
3.2. Only person(s) who are at least 18 years of age are permitted to book an experience.
3.3. Any booking on the website is only valid when processed by ENIGMABOX. You shall receive a confirmation once your booking is processed.

4.1. The price of a game is stated on the website.
4.2. The price is set for every group and is not based on the number of participants.
4.3. Bookings can be made online only.
4.4. Full payment is required at the arrival of the event.
4.5. Payment at the event can only be done by CASH or MBWAY. No debit card or credit cards are accepted.
4.6. Caso pretenda Fatura com Nº de Contribuinte deverá solicitar no local do evento.

5.1. If you need to contact ENIGMABOX you can do so using our email address: Email: geral@ENIGMABOX.pt

6.1. Each participant will be instructed before their event by one of the employees of ENIGMABOX. After learning the rules of the event, each participant will participate in the event at their own risk. ENIGMABOX is not liable for any (personal or equipment) damages caused by not following the rules described before the event in the escape room.
6.2. People who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs as judged by the employees of ENIGMABOX may be turned away and their game stated as no-show.
6.3. Drinks and food may not be brought into the event.
6.4. To be admitted you must confirm the full name of the booker.
6.5. Children at the age of 16 or less have to be accompanied by at least 1 adult per event, with the minimum recommended age indicated in the basic room information.

7.1. A photos of each team will be taken at the end of the game.
7.2. Photos will be stored in our server and will be uploaded on our social network pages without any names identifying the players.
7.3. In case you do not wish to share your picture you have to notify us during the event or by sending an email to: geral@ENIGMABOX.pt